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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pace gallery is a contemporary art gallery which hosts exhibits from all over the world. In their Menlo Park location, they are now hosting the "Art + Technology" exhibit.

The "Art + Technology" exhibit is definitely not a typical exhibit. It's an amazing experience for all your senses. It combines high tech displays, music, art and light  to creates an inspiring, relaxing and beautiful spaces. It makes you think and feel. It is without a doubt a unique experience you don’t want to miss.  

The exhibit is in two buildings. In the main building, there are 3 hallways with different rooms. It is an experience which is very hard to explain, but our favorites were the Crystal Universe, a dazzling display of hanging lights who changes with the music, the Flower Room, in which they displayed flowers and butterflies all over the walls, ceiling and floors and made the visitors a part of the exhibit, and the Light Show, an amazing display with multiple vertical screens of birds and creation, where the whole room is dark and the animation is flying across all screens to make you feel like you’re in this journey of creation with the birds. Just sit on the floor (or lie down, like my son did) and enjoy.

Going outside and following the blue path will take you to the second building which houses the Kids Room. Here you’ll find interactive exhibits designed for kids.
The kids will choose a sea creature (f
ish, shark, sea turtle or sea horse) and then paint and scan their animal. It will then pop up on the giant display and will start swimming. How cool is that?! My toddler just wanted to do it again and again. Right across of the aquarium display there’s a similar experience, but in a city, with cars, buses, houses, trucks and airplanes. This is really nothing but amazing. Once you are done, you can scan your painting in another scanner, which will print a 3D version of your painting to cut, fold and glue, to take home, or leave it as a part of the exhibit. In the other room, there is the coolest train table in which you just need to move the wooden blocks around to create rivers, train tracks, bridges, roadways and more.
The creativity and the uniqueness of the gallery make it a great outing for both parents and kids. It is not big, so take the time, enjoy each display, become involved in it, and create it with the kiddos.

Pace Art + Technology: “Living Digital Space and Future Parks”
February 6thDecember 1st, 2016
$20 for adult, $15 for students and seniors, $10 a child (3-13), 3 and under – free. 
Tickets can be purchased online at
300 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA.
Tel: 650-462-1368

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