Fall Crafts For Kids

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The colors of the trees are changing and fall is finally here. This is the time to gather friends at a local park, pick leaves and other nature treasures, and do some fall crafts!

In the next month or so, I'll be sharing simple but beautiful fall crafts ideas for you and your little ones to try. Happy fall everyone! 


Paper Plate Fall Tree
Paper plates are a great craft supply, so much you could do with it! This time we created a fall tree, and we incooperated a simple hand print into the craft, so it’s an awesome keepsake too!
Guide your child to glue yellow, red, brown and green pre-cut tissue paper to the plate (You can also use real or fake leaves).
Then, trace the child's hand to brown cardstock, cut and glue on to the paper plate. As simple as that :)

Fall Wreath
Whether you use real leaves or the fake stuff, stickers or paper cut outs, this kid friendly craft will look great on your door!

There are no rules, just cut a circle from cardstock or cut out the center of a paper plate, and prepare glue, stickers and leaves for the kids to decorate with. 

We used foam leaves stickers from Target, but we found a few cool options on Amazon, too: Foam stickers, glitter stickers, fake leaves and even stamps!

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