Hanukkah Gifts and Decorations

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hanukkah is my favorite holiday, and I thought I'll share with you my favorite Hanukkah gifts and decoration :)

  • Make your own Hanukkah banner! This kit includes precut stickers and shapes to make your own banner.
  • This activity kit includes foam shapes, paper stickers, glitter foam stickers, double sided foam stickers, self adhesive wiggle eyes and more to make your own banner, centerpieces and more.
  • Hanukkah Ball Lantern Decoration - We have a similar set for 3 years now. It is gentle, but if you'll store it flat, it will be great for years to come.  
  • This Hologram Light Set is so much fun. We have the blue and white version of it, but I like this colorful one, too. 
  • This banner is not from paper, so it is perfect to be hanged outside. We will hang it and the lights today!
  • Target have som fun Hanukkah things, too. We hanged this banner and bought this tablecloth. 

  • Rite Lite Beeswax Candles - I LOVE anything DIY for kids, and what's better then rolling your own Menorah candles? I must say, it may be a little too fun, because I did half of the candles myself and had to buy another package. haha.
  • RIte Lite Design Your Own Dreidel - 2 big (about 3" tall) dreidels to paint. The kit is really nice, we enjoyed painting the dreidels and decorating with the glitter glue, and plan to play with them throughout Hanukkah.
  • If you want to decorate a dreidel with your family, but prefer not to deal with paint, check out this set which includes a large dreidel and stickers. We don't have this one, so I'm not sure about the quality, but it looks fun.
  • KidKraft Wooden Hanukkah Set - Wooden Menorah and candles, dreidel, coins, spatula, pan, latkes and more in a convenient cute storage bag. Looks like a very good quality and durable. We started playing it before Hanukkah and started talking about the Holiday with our 3 year old, so much fun!
  • Hanukkah Children's Melamine Set - This 3 piece set is very cute and it would be the second year we're using it. We bought it for over $16 and now it's for about $8, so it is a great deal, too!
  • Stickers!! We love stickers, it makes a great quiet time activity. I found out my son's favorite are the foam stickers, but check out the glitter stickers, 3D stickers, and this awesome sticker book too.
  • With this Melissa & Doug Mess-Free kit you can make your own 3D Glitter Menorah and Dreidel.  
  • This Latke Bingo is going to be so much fun to play! We bought it, but keeping it for the holiday, so we didn't play it just yet, but it looks pretty good! 

There are many books for Hanukkah for kids. We like the Night Before Hanukkah and The Story Of Hanukkah. We also love our books from PJ Library. If you're not registered yet - do it today! It's free and your child will get a new book every month.

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