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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We visited the Happy Farm in Sunnyvale today, and I’m so glad we found this amazing place!!

The farm is not too big, but has lots of barnyard animals including mini-horses, a mini-donkey, alpacas, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, pot bellie pigs, chickens and doves.  

The chicken coops are open so the chickens can wonder around. We fed them and played with them for a while when Daniel set on the ground, and one of them just came into his lap! It was so cute! 

Mini-donkeys and alpacas were in the fenced area we could not go into, but we fed them and pet them from outside the fence. One of the mini-horses was outside during our visit, so we could play with her for a little while.
Mini Horses
Alpaka and Donkey

When volunteers are inside, like today, you can go into the fenced area to visit the goats, and it was so cool. They are just like (really) big dogs, coming for more belly rubbing, jumping and playing around. Daniel was a little afraid because they are very active, but soon enough he started playing with them too.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are in small open cages so you can pet them easily, but also volunteers take them out so you can hold them, they are so soft! Daniel’s favorite was furry Lionel.

The pigs were very playful and Daniel enjoyed the opportunity to feed them and through the ball inside. 

Happy Pigs

Wooly Sheep
The animals are so clean and look so happy, you can really feel they take really good care of them. 
Happy at Happy Farm
Simone, the program manager, was so amazing and kind, taking the time to show us the animals, explain about the farm, and it looks like she loves her job. No wonder, it's probably the best job in the world!

This is really a local gem, and I’m so happy we had the opportunity to visit. We had so much fun, and we'll be back for sure!

AAH Happy Farm
Happy Farm’s mission is to enrich the lives of children and their families experiencing special needs, health or family challenges by providing barnyard friends so children and their family members can interact with animals to bring moments of happiness and smiles into their lives.

1055 Dunford Way, Sunnyvale


Open to public on 2nd Sunday of each month from 9am - 1pm & first and third Tuesday of each month from 3pm - 5pm.
The visit is free, but you can bring a
a bag of chicken feed or rabbits food as a donation, money donation is also appreciated.

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