Ardenwood Historic Farm

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Ardenwood is a Victorian era working farm with a blacksmith shop, farmyard, Victorian garden and house, train rides and more. 

Train Rides
Train rides are available Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Check the daily schedule and meet the train at Arden Station or Deer Park. The ride is short, but it takes you back more than 100 years to a time when railroads connected the East Bay’s farms to towns and cities. The train is operated by Ardenwood’s Railroad Museum with staff and docents dressed in period costumes.
Ardenwood Historic Farm August 2016

Farm Animals 
There are many domestic animals in the farm: sheep, pigs, chickens, and more. Join the farm tour, as it is a great opportunity to learn about the animals, what they provide and what make them special. 
Animal feeding tour - Thursday to Sunday, 3pm, meet at the chicken coop.

Cows - The cows are located at the entrance to the farm, learn about milk and how to milk a cow next to the rabbits, where you can try and milk a wooden cow!
Goats - Did you know the goat's pupil are rectangular? Or that they provide milk, hair and meat? 
Pigs - There are 2 big pigs in the farm. Did you know that they are actually very clean and organized? Visit their pens to see how it's divided into separate living, eating, plying and bathrooms area. Yes, they like mud, but they use it to keep them sunburn-free since they don't sweat.
Chickens and turkeys - Lots of different chickens and turkeys can be found throughout the farmyard. During the tour you will look for eggs, feed and hold the chickens, which is pretty fun. On the farm, chickens are source of meat, eggs, manure and feathers. We found beautiful feathers we enjoyed exploring.
Sheep - Sheep are source for milk, meat, and wool. Check out the farm's schedule during the spring (usually mid-April) for Sheep Shearing Day and join the shearing, transforming fiber to yarn at the spinning wheel and more.
Peacocks - Like the chickens, peacocks roam freely in the farm. They are beautiful, and if you don't scare them, you'll get a chance to see them spread their feathers.
All the farm animals are friendly, which make it great for little kids to walk up and meet them. 

At the end of the tour, we received Indian Corn to use for popcorn at home, another fun experience and learning opportunity.  
Ardenwood Historic Farm August 2016
Ardenwood Historic Farm August 2016
Ardenwood Historic Farm August 2016

Arts and Crafts 
There are always some small craft projects. Today we did leaf printing, but it really varies. Check the daily schedule to check the daily projects.  
Ardenwood Historic Farm August 2016

Victorian Garden
The garden area looks much like it did near the turn of the 20th century. It is nice to walk in the garden's paths and taste the strawberry tree fruit (tastes like oatmeal!), smell the flowers and picnic in the grass field.

Patterson House
The farmhouse was build in 1857 and it was home to three generations of the Patterson family. Take the house tour to learn about how Clara Patterson made the house a place of culture, education and restfulness. 
Visit the milk house, cook's house, kitchen garden and pool site. It is very fun to wonder around. 

Ardenwood Historic Farm August 2016
Ardenwood is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10am-4pm. Admission fees: $3 a visitor (kids 3 and under - free), including all activities (tours, train rides, craft projects and more).

Ardenwood Historic Farm August 2016

Ardenwood Historic Farm January 2016
Ardenwood Historic Farm January 2016

Ardenwood Historic Farm August 2015

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