Santa Clara County Fair

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This was our second year visiting the Santa Clara County Fair. It's not the biggest fair in the area, but it is definitely much fun! There is a huge variety of entertainment so everyone can find something to enjoy.

No outside food or drinks were allowed this year. Food is always expensive at fairs so be prepared. Even the bottled water were pricey.
Lots of fair food available. Fried alligator, frog legs, deep fried burritos and chocolate covered bacon are some of the interesting things to find. Also, all the regular chicken skewers, garlic fries and such. For dessert you can have fried twinkies and snickers, ice cream, psycho donuts and delicious funnel cakes.
Giant Bubbles

In the past two years, there were two Ferris wheels, an open two seater and an enclosed 4 seater. I’m not sure about 2015, but in 2016 there was a cool zip line ride. Lots of small and big carnival rides for the kids.
Small Animals Exhibit - Lots of goats, bunnies, chickens, cats, and more, you can pet and feed. The 4H volunteers were really nice and informative.
Large Animals Exhibit – Sheep, pigs, and cows. This barn has less air, so it wasn’t fun to stay in, but we did walk through quickly. Wish we could enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the small animals exhibit.
The Reptile Exhibit – Lots of volunteers eager to show off their reptiles. We held snakes, saw giant tortoise and more.
Sea Lion encounter – This is unique for a fair to have, and while the show was fun and educational, it didn’t seem like the best setting for the sea lions. Also offered, family pictures with the sea lion, which I found a little too much for the sweet animals.
Small Animal Exhibit

Attractions and Entertainment
Little Hands on the Farm – probably our favorite exhibit. Hands-on interactive and educational fun while learning about life on the farm. From planting seeds and growing fruit and vegetable, to producing milk. At the end, you can sell your produce at the Farmer Market and use the dollar you got for a small candy or toy at the general store, and drive your tractor back to the farm.
Giant Dinosaur walking around and roaring was great too!
Captain Jack Spareribs doing pirate acts, juggling and magic was enjoyable this year and last year as well.
Arts and crafts area was pretty big with lots of quilting, jewelry, pottery, photography and more.
There are also wine tasting, karaoke and more adult geared attractions we didn’t try. Lots of musical shows we didn’t get to see either.
Little Hands on the Farm

Overall it was a great experience, we enjoyed spending 3 hours there, and we loved how tired Daniel was when we got home :)
We will definitely visit again next year!

2015/2016 Pricing Info
Tickets: General admission - $8. Senior/youth - $5. Children 4 and under - FREE. In the last few years Groupon offers a deal of $8 for 2 adults. Watch out for the deal about two weeks before the fair.
Parking: $5.
Rides: $1 each, with discount if you buy more. Zip lining was $10 for 2 rides.

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