Activity Books for a Rainy Day

Friday, February 17, 2017

Sometimes it's just too cold outside and you just want to stay home all weekend. With the storm coming our way this weekend, I thought I will share our 5 favorite activity books for kids!

Step-By-Step Drawing Book

Discover how to draw lots of things by following the simple step-by-steps in this delightful book, which has space for you to draw in. From rockets to robots... monkeys to monsters... there's so much to inspire.

Recommended for ages 4+, but my 3 year old enjoys it very much. Yes, he doesn't do a good job, but it's a start, and it keeps him busy and happy, I cannot complain! 
Instructions are very easy to follow, and it is a great way to introduce kids to art!

Get it here:
With lots of cut outs and stickers - you will build and decorate 6 cool robots! The colors are bright and sunny, and some robots are just black and white for you to paint.

Instructions are easy to follow, little kids will need help, but will enjoy making it and playing with it later!

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Another great activity from Usborne Books. What I love most about this activity book is the adorable illustrations, bright and happy color, and its price - for less than $5, you get a whole lot.

The activities are fun, engaging, simple and easy to follow, and the colorful stickers are exciting. We took this activity book with us to a 16 hours flight, and it was awesome! 

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Fingerprint Activities: Animals
This finger-printing book includes simple, step-by-step instructions for lots of pictures and scenes to create using only fingerprints, and a multi-colored ink pad is attached to the side of the book, so no extra materials are required.

I know there are many other activity books designed for fingerprinting, but I liked the theme for this one. Also, the ink pad is high quality with great colors. Some activities were very easy to follow, and for some my help was required, but it is great, and encourages creativity and manual dexterity. We both enjoyed it very much.

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Rainy Day Pad
This pad will keep children amused whatever the weather is! This pad has over 30 tear-off sheets of puzzles, mazes and doodle ideas: finding the route through an underground maze, coloring owls as they perch in the trees and more. 

This requires more help from an adult, but still is pretty fun. What I love mostly about is that you can share it with friends easily.

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